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Your Holiday Home:  'Casa de Burgos'





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With our local knowledge we can provide a Philippines holiday home welcome and experience like no other.  Our friendly local staff will pander to all your needs during your stay at the 'Casa de Burgos' and leave you to enjoy and remember a true holiday of a lifetime..........

If you are seeking a holiday destination out of the ordinary - surprisingly different, this is the place for you.  Away from the usual tourist areas people visit you will find our holiday home rental an unusual interesting - but exclusive delightful holiday experience.  This is a truely exciting Philopinne area to visit completely off and away from the general well trodden tourist areas.

Visiting Talalora is a must and the fishing town in Samar is interesting, filled with things that are amazing and unique.

Our helpful staff will guide you in visiting many local places of interest.


For those seeking a Different Experience (And for Witchcraft! ) Visit nearby Talalora.

Talalora Samar: For many Phillipinos the place name is synonymous with sorcery, but when you explore this island town there are many stories waiting to unfold!
Visiting Talalora is a must and the fishing town in Samar is interesting, filled with things that are amazing and unique.
Known in the past as a haven for faith healers, nobody would even dare to offend the locals here for fear of being hexed as a form of vengeance.
Talalora is just one of three places stereotyped as home of this folk magic.  Perhaps as a result of stories about this town people were frightened and freaked out and decided not to visit the place again!

There are many stories about Talalora, some probably true, some not and others half true.  Some stories are undoubtedly true because it really happened - it's part of the folk law surrounding the town.

Undoubtedly Talolora a farming and fishing village in Samar is an interesting place filled with interesting things, some amazing and unique.


Talalora is a former village of Villareal, Samar.  Some said it was hard to locate since vines called 'Talalora' were all over the place.

After Liberation at the end of the war it was created as an independent town on June 22nd 1947.  The wharf destroyed during the war and the previous typhoons was reconstructed.

The town has undergone many changes since then.

View of Burgos     View from top balcony
(i) View of Burgos (ii) View from 'Casa de Burgos' Top Balcony

Places to Visit/Services

View of Talalora

Photo right:
Talalora - Western Samoa

You have probably read in some online articles such as in Wikipedia that Talalora is known to be one of the centers of witchcraft and wizardry, just like Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series.  It was true then!

There were those who really knew how to cast voodoo spells against someone. Many knew how to perform rituals and incantations.

Had someone been their customer, just tell them what they would do - what someone wished to happen to their enemy and then the one who performs the spell would do the rest.

They also had special kinds of plants, which create the rashes and marks nobody wants to have. (These plants were known as Harupay.)

Witchcraft was commonly known in the place as barang palakad.  Those who performed it were called himangnoan. Learning how to do sorcery was mandatory if someone came from a family who were identified as witches.

It was considered as something worthy to be inherited from their parents, had they been matriarchs and patriarchs of the witches' clan.

Want to know more?  Samar Town Talalora

Things of interest in Talalora

Visit the white sands of Bacsal Beach, Daram, Samar fronting or facing Talalora and see the local cottages. Also visit the Mini Park located at the top of the hill where the army and militia set up their barracks.

Bacsal Beach Daram Samar
Bacsal Beach Daram Samar

From the mini park visitors can see how close Daram is to Talalora - just a swim away.

You have a beautiful view of the town especially at night.

  • Guimit Caves (Pythons Island) 10 minutes away

  • Guimit Island is legendary for it's Philippine pythons and a strategic cave that the Japanese used as a hideout in WW2.

    Guimet cave     Guimet cave 2
    (i) View of Guimet cave 1 (ii) View of Guimet cave 2

    An interesting day on Pythons Island - and we certainly saw snakes!

    We left from our nearby waterfront in a small fishing boat and had a fairly successful day checking out the pythons and one very large Philippine cobra.

  • Busay Falls

  • Busay Falls     Busay Falls 2
    (i) View of Busay Falls (ii) View of Busay Falls 2

  • Secluded Beaches from 2 Minutes away
  • Fresh Fish/Meat Market 5 minutes away (Talalora)
  • Own Boat & Local Guide/Fisherman
  • Cleaning/Washing Service Available
  • Local Philippina Cook Available

For more information please email:


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